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India’s first Quiz Show for Marketing Experts 

We put four marketers to the test. Their challenge is to dig through their years of experience, to provide a holistic, clear answer in under a minute.

 The questions range from branding to growth and performance till digital and more…..


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About the Host

Vanshika Mehta is a community builder, brand storyteller and communications specialist.

With an undergraduate degree in Marketing and Management from Northeastern University in Boston, she moved to India in 2018 to pursue her professional dreams.

Since moving independent in January 2020, she’s crafted 50+ stories for startups and high-growth companies. From 2017 to today, she has also built a community of 50,000+ highly-networked entrepreneurs, marketers and do-ers on Linkedin.

With over 4+ years of experience within organic marketing and branding, she believes that everyone can be a marketer. It’s a combination of knowledge and critical thinking.

This show is her attempt to spread marketing knowledge far and wide, in an actionable, precise and workable format.