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An ed-tech advisory platform for international college admissions from undergraduate till masters.

About Stoodnt

Stoodnt works with aspirational individuals to enable them to build and pursue a future of their dreams. With a plethora of services they wholesomely guide students through admission formalities, prepare them for entrance exams such as the SAT and finally, also provide online courses, 


The project

Stoodnt was noticing a low conversion rate on what they percieved to be their high converting pages:

  • home
  • book session
  • counselling services

In order to strengthen their website-driven lead generation, I worked with them to reconstruct the pages mentioned above.

Over a period of ~45 days, these are my contributions:

  • in-depth market research to guage design and brand communications
  • scrapped old design, redesigned the page from scratch with suggestions on flow and visuals
  •  fixed communications by strenghtening brand communications, ensuring the mission-vision duo was illuminated throughout

Vanshika worked with us at Stoodnt on a short-term project as a Branding & Communication Consultant.

She helped us re-designing our key pages and also contributed to the web content.

Stand-out Metric: Our conversion rate for the counselling session booking went up by ~50% after implementing the new changes.

Vanshika thinks about things that the rest of us would overlook. She helped us in discovering deeper insights and ideas.

I would personally look forward to working with her again in the near future.

Tanmoy Ray

Admissions Consultant, Stoodnt

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