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Skill Prodigy

An app that helps individuals get closer to their dream jobs, by interviewing better.

About Skill Prodigy

Skill Prodigy is a passion project of Neeraj Puntambekar and Ritu Raj Das. Ritu is currently a Director at Deloitte Australia and Neeraj is a Project Manager at the Dept. of Health and Human Services, Victoria. 

Skill Prodigy aims to help candidates get their dream jobs. With interview prep and a structure to help them build confidence, this peer-to-peer (P2P) model has reimagined the importance of confidence while interviewing.


The project

With compelling copy on their website’s landing page, they wanted to bust the myth around interviews being scary; instead, encouraging individuals to take up practicing, to work upto their dream job.

This project required a lot of research in terms of verbiage and the flow, because this was a sticky and tough topic to talk about – and we had to do it in a manner that was friendly, approachable and didn’t scare people away by making it seem like ‘a task’.


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