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Skill Prodigy

Creating UX copy tailored to individuals who want to improve their soft skills, and chances of getting their dream job.

Skill Prodigy is a passion project of Neeraj Puntambekar and Ritu Raj Das. Ritu is currently a Director at Deloitte Australia and Neeraj is a Project Manager at the Dept. of Health and Human Services, Victoria. 

Skill Prodigy aims to help candidates get their dream jobs. With interview prep and a structure to help them build confidence, this peer-to-peer (P2P) model has reimagined the importance of confidence while interviewing.

My role

UX Content | Brand Storytelling

For Skill Prodigy I started by understanding the market space and consumer pain points. From there, I dug into research to further understand, with data, why an interviewee fails.

Once I completed that research, I crafted audience-specific, solution-focused UX content for their website.

The Research

In order to sound authentic, helpful and build a safe environment – I had to research about the kinds of structures other EdTech websites used, along with the verbiage.

For example, should we be optimistic or realist – the tone of voice needed to be sharp, yet direct so our messaging didn’t get lost. 

The Outcome

A website that encouraged individuals to understand their skills, and shortcomings. This was done in a manner where it was not scaring them away, yet giving them hope.

A hope that if they do work alongside SkillProdigy, they will have a chance of a brighter future.

We worked with Vanshika for the end-to-end content of our website. The content was good and she gave us a few ideas before she started working on the content.

She was approachable and easy to work with.

Anu Bansal, CMO of SkillProdigy