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Framing customer-first communications for the Marketing and Sales function across channels.

ShopWorx is a tech solution for the manufacturing industry.

They provide an end to end solution for plant owners, enabling them to monitor the plant and gather real-time insights.

This helps them have 24×7 access to the floor status and specific data for better business decisions.


 My Role


Copywriting | Communications Strategy

 I worked on two projects 

Email sets

    1. Sales function
    2. Marketing function
    3. Thought leadership blog


Both of these were done after understanding the business, their tone of voice and processes.

The Timeframe

ShopWorx has worked with me from mid-2019, and still comissions me projects as need be.


The Outcome

The email flows which were created for sales are in use for cold outreach where the prospect does not know about ShopWorx yet.

The marketing email I crafted was for the CEO to communicate to the database what the ‘new normal’ will look like for them.

The thought leadership blog was crafted to give insight into manufacturing and the ‘new normal’ along with how digitization is the key.

I met Vanshika more than a year ago on Linkedin and we’ve worked on multiple projects during our association.

She’s been wonderful in terms of quality and delivery. She’s always succeeded in any task we’ve given her.

The best part I like about her is how open she is to feedback and meeting our expectations.

Always been a pleasure and I will recommend her for website and communications projects.

Rohan Sangani, Strategic Growth Manager, Entrib Analytics Technology Private Limited

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