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A SaaS InsurTech platform based in Kuwait

About Saiyarti

Saiyarti is Kuwait’s first fully automated platform for obtaining and renewing your cars Third Party Liability policies.

Saiyarti has one goal – “make getting insured easy”. They do that by enabling consumers to purchase or renew their Third Party Liability policy at any time all from the comfort of their homes.


The project

Saiyarti launched a new offering in 2021 called ‘Saiyarti Assist’ – a 24 hour assistance helpline and service in the situation that your car breaksdown, has a mechanical failure or gets caught up in an accident. For Saiyarti Assist, I wrote the landing page – keeping it crisp, simple and easy to understand.


I came across Vanshika’s profile from a networking WhatsApp group and must say – what a find! Rarely do we get lucky with such hidden gems on these mass networking forums – but she was truly a blessing!

Over the almost 2 years that I have worked with her, she has shown how diverse her content creation skill set is.

Not only do the words she pens down say your story (almost better than you!), but her ability to think from a user experience view point really helps in better structuring your own thoughts about the product that you are creating!

For us she has done everything from blogs, to headlines, to descriptive texts, to even creating massive essay type content about subjects which on a routine basis even we may not have wanted to read!

In a nutshell – if you are contemplating working with her, rest assured you can stop thinking now!

Get on the phone with her, and let her take all that work away from your desk in a jiffy!

She will never disappoint you!

Pooja Sharma

Principal Officer, Saiyarti

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