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Model Project

Crafting light-hearted, mood-based communications for milennials and Gen Z to educate and convert them on Amazon

Solethreads is India’s homegrown footwear brand that’s helping build a ‘flip-flop generation’. With 500+ products for men and women, in simple, casual and funky styles, they are sold on their website, Amazon, Flipkart, LBB and other resellers. 

Solethreads is famous for its Grass flipflops, for which they hold a technology patent.

My Role

Branding | Strategy | Communications 

Solethreads commissioned me to create on-brand, product-specific content for 15 of their items listed on Amazon. This involved me understanding the technical specs of each product – from the material to the manufacturing technology.

This A+ content usually lies as a subsection under the general product listing, catering to educate and inform users on product benefits.

The Challenge

Amazon was descriptive about the number and kinds of layouts at our disposal. We could only use a certain number of sections and layout styles.

This meant that we had to in certain cases combine product USP’s or do a product-feature-customer analysis and cut down.

The Outcome

From a branding perspective, there has been positive feedback for the positioning statements I provided.

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