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A challenger fashion brand

About Kaeros

Kaeros is a new-age leather accessory brand that set out to conquer the market of high quality, affordable priced leather accessories for men and women. The two co-founders – Kritika Aggarwal and Shreeda Chakraborty push the boundaries of fashion wiht unique shapes, colors and details. 


The project

Kaeros was revamping their website and reached out to overhaul their current ‘about us’ page.

After almost a week of competitior research, together, we crafted the Kaeros narrative – the mission, the vision and value propositions. Then, based off that, I spun it around into a story that was effective, brought out the elegance of craftmanship and transparently portrayed who they were.


I’ve been working with Vanshika for nearly two years, and her work is nothing short of amazing.

Her understanding of briefs that I send her way, paired with her genuine love for the craft, makes every project an easy-going process. She takes time to understand the nitty-gritties that I might’ve missed, making it a delightful experience overall! 

We always reach out to Vanshika for ad-hoc projects that come up, because we know we will never be disappointed by her attitude and work.

Shreeda Chakraborty

Co-founder, Kaeros

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