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Building copy that converts via chatbot communications for a well-known brand.

Haptik builds virtual assistants for Fortune 500 brands who want to build a connection with their user.

As per Crunchbase, they have reached 100M+ customers and have had 3B+ conversations.

My Role

Communications | Communications Strategy

As a conversational writer, I was entrusted with the end-to-end communications of a brand for one particular product line.

The interaction points and flow was mapped out by Haptik, and then with deep empathy, I crafted the appropriate communications.

Keeping customer-centricity in mind and the tone of voice used, each flow was unique in its own way. 

The Challenge

Understanding the user-psychology and going one step further than just answering what they asked for.

I had to understand the buyer journey, why they were asking a particular question, and then map it to the brand’s goals.


The Outcome

Well crafted communications that was human-like and flowed as a conversation.

In Hindsight

There’s lots to learn about conversational marketing and writing.

I just scraped the surface of it with this project. I should’ve asked more questions!