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A SaaS tool for financial advisors based in USA

About DisocverFIN

DiscoverFIN is a SaaS tool servicing a $52.9bn industry of financial advisors in USA. FIN helps these advisors to grow their business via lead automation and team management.



The project

DiscoverFIN wanted to build out a repository of ready-to-use content for social media for these advisors.

With the intent that this will be used on their own social media channels, we co-created 90+ templates over a range of relevant topics – entrepreneurship, investing, taxes and more.


Vanshika has an amazing attitude and spirit about her. You feel free to be yourself around her and freely communicate what you want.
She understands people really well, she’s empathetic and kind. She will make you feel like she truly cares about your business by working on tasks that are outside the parameters of the contract.

But what good is empathy and kindness without skill. She’s also a very smart copywriter who is flexible and able to quickly understand what is needed for the project.

I have already decided on a long-term working relationship with her.

I have no doubt that she will be an asset in every way to a new startup or a growing business.

Jonathan Michael

Founder, Purple Rocket Technologies, LLC

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