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 An e-commerce website for 45M Americans who suffer from sleep apnea and want to get tested

Deep Sleep is a company that distributes home sleep apnea testing kits in USA. They are on a mission to help >45M Americans who suffer from this medical illness. 

Sleep Apnea causes individuals to not be able to sleep at night, and that causes further symptoms during the day. It is in fact very underdiagnosed.

Currently there are two ways to take this test, at hospital or at home. Because of COVID-19, the at-home testing kit became first preference for the majority. 

DeepSleep sends testing kits right to your door, and a diagnosis in record time so patients can get on the road to recovery. 

My Role

UX Content | Brand Positioning

I worked with a team of experienced doctors in various parts of USA to create medically-appropriate and clincially-aproved content for their website.

I first researched all the sleep apnea testing kit providers to understand their usage of language, and curated a list of ‘must haves’ on our website. 

After that, I curated statistics from trusted websites such as American Sleep Association and Department of Transport, which was then used for trust-building through the website.

The Challenge

Grasping medically-correct phrasing for the website

Ensuring statements on the website were not polarizing


The Outcome

A brand new website which will be used for first-touch for customers to purchase this kit from.