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Automation Anywhere

Creating timely, relevant content, that suits the current market B2B needs/requirements.

Automation Anywhere is a global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The company started in 2003, has customers in 90+ countries, 40+ offices and 2.1M+ bots deployed. Automation Anywhere is enabling the future of work to happen with digital workers who empower customers to automate business processes to make work more meaningful.

My role

Communications | Brand Positioning

Automation Anywhere reached out to me to write articles for their global blog.

Their blog, as I noticed was written in an actionable, usable format for people within the RPA domain. Although they are a tech company, they focused more on the larger picture, and what we can do with the tech they provide.

The Challenge

The RPA space is large and complicated.

Being from a non-tech background, initially, this was a confusing topic to grasp, but the more I read about it- the more intrigued I got.