From EdTech to Fintech, FMCG till SaaS – the showcase below should give you a fair idea of the variety of projects I’ve dabbled within. 

Jupiter (Millions By Jupiter)

FinTech | Brand Storytelling and Copywriting

A social media project to build a healthy community of millennials who want to pursue a journey of financial wellness.


EdTech | Brand Building and UX Writing

An EdTech advisory platform that guides individuals towards a better, more wholesome career path – through further studies, courses and counselling.


Electronics | Copywriting

A new age headphone brand that’s going to disrupt the market with high-quality, affordable headphones for the masses.


FMCG | Brand Building, Storytelling and Copywriting

A D2C fashion-first flip flop brand that’s providing flip flops for every style, occassion and need.


Conversational AI SaaS | Copywriting

India’s leading virtual assistant platform for well-known brands.

Skill Prodigy

EdTech | Brand Building and UX Writing

An audio-based EdTech platform that helps interviewees prepare for their upcoming interviews via daily practice.


ManufacturingTech | Brand Creation and Storytelling, UX Writing

A ManufacturingTech platform that enables factory owners to manage their floors and machinery in an optimized fashion.


FMCG | Copywriting

A challenger fashion brand for leather goods that isn’t afraid of playing with shapes, colors and textures.


SaaS | UX Writing

An InsurTech platform that provides a holistic solution for car related emergency situations.

Binary Numbers

Tech Service | UX Writing

A web development agency building excellent products that delight.

InsurTech Website

InsurTech/SaaS | Brand Building and UX Writing

A platform that will change the way India buys insurance.

Feeding Billions

FoodTech | Brand Building and Storytelling

A FoodTech catering company that serves India’s top companies, at their on-location canteens.


Tech Service | UX Writing

A service enablement company that encourages founders and tech teams to build cloud-first, in a sustainable manner.