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My Story

Welcome to this page!

There’s lots to say and only so much space. Read on!


Zero to Thirty Percent:

Born, raised and schooled in Dubai, I have been lucky to have been exposed to multiple cultures and thought processes. The formative years of my journey were spent figuring out ‘what’s next?’. As much as I loved studying, I was very active outside of my textbooks as well. I indulged in quite a few community and marketing related activities, even before I had formally learned marketing.

 My favorite memory from these years was when I organised C4C, an annual event show at my highschool, for charity. We raised 8000 and 12000 Dirhams in the years the show ran, respectively. 

Thirty to Sixty Percent:

I wholeheartedly believe, Boston is the place where I learned who I was, to the bone. Nothing could’ve prepared me for the journey I was about to embark on for 5 years at Northeastern. Books were my day time, and in my freetime I was very active on campus – from teaching English to school cafeteria staff, till being part of multicultural dance shows on stage. I studied, I worked hard during my internships, I helped my community, and finally, graduated in December 2016.

Sixty to Ninety Percent:

After graduating, I moved to India in February 2018. I came here with zero friends and not a single connection. This was where I had to relearn everything I know about working in the corporates. It was also here where I took on personal branding as a challenge and along with that the hunger to learn more about branding. I worked with three different companies for a short span of time (remove your judgy hat!). It was during those days I realised I wanted to achieve more, do more and experiment more – and in January 2020, I jumped independent and have (touchwood!) had a blessed journey. 

So far I’ve worked with 70+ startups, cross domain, to help them with storytelling, branding and communications on digital channels.

Ninety to One Hundred Percent:

The parts add up to the whole. I’ve left this here because my journey is still in the nascent stages. I am an explorer, adventurer and risk-taker; I am waiting with baited breath for what’s next!