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I Craft Your Brand Stories.

Stories that build trust, inspire and convert.
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My journey with you starts when you believe in the art of storytelling.

Our journey together ends when your story is crafted with love and purposeful intent.


the essentials

This is a time for you to introspect and reflect.

It’s a time to gather successes and failures from your past – that bring you to today.


what matters

A story is a curation, it’s never the entirety.

Here, we pick up the points that strengthen the story and remove the fluff – giving it meaning.


the story

Depending on the technicalities you wish to have, we work together to ensure your story is ready.

100, 500 or 1000 words, it’s variations of the story, the storyline won’t change.


and repeat

The more you live your story, the more you’ll be able to sharpen it.

Your story is meant to be shared, spread it far and wide.

Reach out to me for any inquiries!


I’m Vanshi.

I’m a storyteller, branding specialist and community builder. I’m also the founder of a bi-weekly live show titled ‘Marketing Rapid Fire’. 

I was gifted the opportunity to become a solopreneur in January 2020. Since then, I’ve worked with 50+ startups and funded enterprises to create and share their stories.

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Updated June 2020


Brand Storytelling


UX Writing




Business Writing

Upasana Dash

CEO & Co-Founder,

Jajabor Brand Consultancy

Vanshika has been great to work with! Her ability of capturing briefs & creating compelling content has been a great boon to my team. What sets her apart is the way she is able to put herself in the middle of the reader & the publisher in a great way. This enables not just great content but powerful, engaging brand narratives. We’ve done some great work together & continue to collaborate..

Aprajit Kathuria

Co-Founder & CMO,


Vanshika has a great flair in writing and is poised to deliver impeccable content. She is versatile, a quick thinker and adapts well to changing briefs and deliverables. She makes sure the output is delivered on time and ensures you love it. She is diligent and works her heart off which makes her an asset to any organisation she works for. It was super fun and exciting to have her on board and work for our brand. She is always super loaded, so make sure you get her to work for you before somebody else does.

Pragati Basu

Senior Digital Communication Officer,


Vanshika is an absolute pleasure to work with – very hands on and full of insights. PR and communications are her specialty and she doesn’t disappoint. I worked with Vanshika on a webinar and she brought her expert insights to the table. She helped promote the webinar both online and offline prior to it and engaged the audience beautifully during the webinar!

Rohan Sangani

Entrib Analytics Technology Private Limited

I met Vanshika more than a year ago on Linkedin and we’ve worked on multiple projects during our association. She’s been wonderful in terms of quality and delivery. She’s always succeeded in any task we’ve given her. The best part I like about her is how open she is to feedback and meeting our expectations. Always been a pleasure and I will recommend her for website and communications projects.