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Create. Differentiate. Scale.

Millions of brands exist.

What are you doing to build an authentic business? If you’re struggling to answer this, I’m here for you.

I help rising DTC and Tech start entrepreneurs nail their purpose and communication strategy through building long-lasting brand strategies.

PS: I’m also a mentor, advisor and speaker 🙂

Expertise Areas

Pre-revenue or post, I co-create emotionally-charged brands with founders who’ve a vision to change the world.

Strategy & Identity Creation

Brand Strategy

The heart of your business


Insight discovery


Category decoding


Consumer need gap








Personality discovery


Verbal identity


Brand architecture


Brand story


Brand naming

Brand Identity

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Brand Name




Logo usage






Brand guidelines


Stationery design


Marketing materials

Helped 100+ founders discover their Why Me

Everyone can run a business, few can build a memorable, lasting brand. I’m here to help you do the latter.

Different approaches, structures and methods.

Hello there!

I’m Vanshika Mehta, I’m a brand strategist and marcomms consultant by day, and an excessive podcast-listener by night.

My journey into brand strategy wasn’t a straight line, and that’s what makes it so exciting. I’ve learned brand strategy by ‘doing’ more than learning and that’s helped me do better!

I’m excited to get to know you, and work with you on your next exciting project!


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Client Testimonials

Upasna Dash

Vanshika has been great to work with! Her ability of capturing briefs & creating compelling content has been a great boon to my team. What sets her apart is the way she is able to put herself in the middle of the reader & the publisher in a great way. This enables not just great content but powerful, engaging brand narratives. We’ve done some great work together & continue to collaborate.

Moreover, her support extended beyond the event itself. Her proactive approach to pre-event and post-event communication ensured that all details were handled meticulously. On a personal note, working with Vanshika was an absolute pleasure. Her positive attitude, collaborative spirit, and genuine passion were evident throughout our interactions. I am truly grateful for this opportunity and look forward to future collaborations with Vanshika.

Tanmoy Ray

Vanshika worked with us at Stoodnt on a short-term project as a Branding & Communication Consultant. She helped us re-designing our key pages and also contributed to the web content.

Stand-out Metric: Our conversion rate for the counselling session booking went up by ~50% after implementing the new changes.

Vanshika thinks about things that the rest of us would overlook. She helped us in discovering deeper insights and ideas. I would personally look forward to working with her again in the near future.

Ashwarya Garg

If you have ever yearned for a consultant that feels like your own hire, you should ping Vanshika!
Listening well is a powerful means of communication, and Vanshi aces that game!
Vanshika contributed to marketing communications by writing press releases for targeted media, helping to set up PR calls, and developing the product message and marketing materials to attract customers for Hypd during the initial days.
Her work surpassed expectations and when given feedback, she responded with positivity – which made working together a breeze.

I will recommend Vanshika for any such work in the future 😇

Reenita Patra

Dhruv Toshniwal

Enjoyed working with Vanshika on a six week project for @The Pant Project, she is a great communicator and helped our team understand the inner workings of Linkedin as a platform.

Sumit 'Curl' Karranji

Vanshika helped us in creating the early stage D2C brand book that talks on the brand purpose, brand strategy, positioning, messaging, tone and creating a brand character.

This immensely helped us with knowing who our audience is, how do we connect to them.

What should be our language, tone and colors?

Who is the customer, What is the reason for customers to buy from us and what sets us different?

It’s so important for any brand / D2C startup to answer the above questions beforehand and founders being founders, everything is in their mind.

Vanshika helped to ask the right questions, structure the thoughts and create a lovely brand guideline book.

Strongly recommend her services if you want to save heaps of time in creating what is in my view the most important thing while starting up.

Looking forward to work with her in future as well.

Strategy & Identity Creation

Let’s delve into a few of my contemplations.

Brand Storytelling: How to publish your brand’s story in media when you get funded

Startups are a rollercoaster ride — fun, exciting and challenging are just some words we can use to describe the journey every founding team goes through. As a startup grows, the importance and requirement for funding, from the right people, at the right time is omnipresent and required.

5 ways to create a differentiated brand strategy for your D2C brand

As a founder, the story you tell the world is prime. But there has to be substance beneath the story, and that’s when I began thinking of factors that make a brand come to life.

If I was a startup founder, what would I do to truly differentiate my D2C brand, here are some candid thoughts:

A step-by-step guide to building your startup’s brand messaging strategy

A brand message is, therefore ‘how’ you communicate with your audience, not just to sell them, but to make them take an action in favour of your brand — one that might just spark a relationship between both of you.

Consumers of today need to buy into the brand ideologies and messaging before the product or service. We all need something to believe in, right?

Humanizing brands in 2023

A friendly shoe. A laptop that makes you feel like you run the world. Sunglasses that shift your perspective.

None of this existed just over 50 years ago. We existed in a product-run and led economy, one where functional benefits won over everything.

We were being sold to basis what the product did for us. It was transactional and no one cared because at that time — there wasn’t that much competition either. Win-win.

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